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Call Us Today!
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Quality Tree Services for Over 34 Years

Marathon Tree Service, Inc. is owned and operated by Ted Harbourt and has provided professional tree service in the Baton Rouge area for the past 34 years. Ted is a nationally certified arborist (SO-0934A) through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) in addition to being a Louisiana state licensed, insured arborist (LA # 16-0015).
We provide professional tree maintenance to existing and new planted trees, as well as, remove dead, damaged, and structurally defective trees in your landscape. Deciding to save or remove a tree requires knowing about tree health and vigor, potential for failure, potential targets, future site plans, and an overall appreciation for your landscape.
Saving an existing tree sometimes simply involves minor pruning and watering in times of drought. Addtional pruning for health, safety, and aesthetics can also be provided if necessary. Sometimes "more" is not better when dealing with trees. Other services that can be provided include: fertilization, mulching, cabling, bracing, and lightning protection. Saving a tree near a home, new addition, or new construction site may require additional steps to ensure its survivability.
Tree removals can sometimes require heavy equipment depending on accessibility, tree condition, and skill of the tree contractor. However, the tree business is not just an equipment show. Cranes, aerial lifts(bucket trucks), kunckle-boom (grapple trucks), chipper trucks, bobcats, and stump grinders may be used if necessary. And, of course, safety of the crew, existing structures, and landscape are always paramount.
Marathon Tree Service, Inc. can also prune and remove large trees with a minimum of equipment and with zero impact on the landscape using skilled climbers, ropes, and rigging devices."How" a job is done is sometimes as important as "what" is done. We always try to work "smarter, not harder", whenever possible, but are able to use proven "old school" techniques to complete a job. Simply put, "sometimes you are really going to need an arborist". Give us a call at (225) 753-5911 and we can provide you with the professional services needed for your job. No job too large or too small. Contact us today!


  • ISA- Certified Arborist

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